Meet the Team

Our team is made up of some of Utah’s best creatives, with cumulative decades of experience in construction and design.

Shawn Simons

Shawn Simons

Owner and Lead Designer

Shawn’s more than twenty years of experience in design and construction allows her to have a unique savvy and industry rapport throughout each step of your design process. Whether it be new construction, home remodeling, a commercial space, or a multi-million-dollar project, her insight makes the big things small and the small things a breeze. She works closely and collaboratively with clients as they select color schemes, features, cabinetry, and architectural designs, brings a contagious passion to every project, and takes pride in the priceless relationships created from start to finish between herself, her clients, and every other contributor along the way (of which there are many; the more the merrier!).

Shawn’s design style has elements of the classic and the modern, with a flair for clean, customdesign. Her philosophy is to help her clients merge their wants with their needs and create beautiful, functional living spaces that make them feel right at home. She’s passionate about helping you unlock your home’s potential to be a sanctuary, and is even more passionate about it fitting your lifestyle and budget.

She has worked closely with builders such as Woodside Homes, Cottage Homes, Magleby Construction, Steve Daily Construction, among others, and as well as multiple well-known Utah architects.

Meredith Cameron

Meredith Cameron


Born and raised in the Salt Lake Valley, Meredith Cameron has spent her entire life fascinated with art, design, and all things beautiful. As a child she would spend hours creating beautiful homes made from cardboard boxes for her Barbie dolls, and she would frequently rearrange her bedroom and other rooms in her family’s home.

Meredith carried her talent for and love of interior design with her into adulthood and has had the opportunity to live in many different homes around the world: from the deep South of Alabama to her beautiful home in Northern Italy, where she spent several years. She has absorbed the culture of each region she’s visited and loves to usher those influences into her work with Simons Design Studio.

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