Meet the Team

Our team is made up of some of Utah’s best creatives, with decades of experience in construction and design.

Shawn Simons

Shawn Simons

Owner and Principal Designer

Shawn brings over three decades of invaluable experience in design and construction to our team. Her extensive expertise fosters a unique understanding and rapport within the industry, guiding and enhancing every phase of the design process. Whether it involves new construction, home remodeling, commercial spaces, or multimillion-dollar projects, Shawn’s seasoned insights effortlessly navigate complexities, ensuring seamless execution.

With a design approach that seamlessly blends classic and modern elements, Shawn’s distinctive style exudes a penchant for clean, bespoke designs. Her overarching philosophy centers on harmonizing client desires with practical needs, culminating in spaces that effortlessly marry aesthetic appeal with functionality. Shawn is deeply committed to empowering clients to realize their home’s inherent potential and is particularly dedicated to fostering enduring relationships throughout each project journey.

Her collaborative endeavors span engagements with esteemed builders such as Magleby Construction, Woodside Homes, Stonybrook Homes, Breen Homes, Brinkerhoff Custom Construction, and Jackson LeRoy. Shawn has also fostered robust partnerships with prestigious Utah-based architects, further enriching her portfolio and breadth of expertise.

Jenn Menteer

Jenn Menteer

Chief Operations Officer

Leveraging a solid 15-year career in Federal Grants Management, Jenn is the anchor of efficiency at Simons Design Studio. Her role encompasses overseeing daily operations and administrative project management, allowing our design team to focus wholeheartedly on their creative endeavors. While not directly involved in design, Jenn’s dedication to merging efficiency with elegance ensures that every aspect of our projects receives meticulous attention and runs seamlessly.

Passionate about optimizing processes and merging functionality with beauty, Jenn’s expertise lies in managing the nuts and bolts of our operations. Her knack for handling client and partner relations with finesse ensures a smooth workflow and impeccable project management behind the scenes. At Simons Design Studio, Jenn’s commitment to precision guarantees that every detail, beyond the design aspect, is handled with care, contributing to the overall success of our projects.

With a wealth of experience in Federal Grants Management, Jenn’s role at Simons Design Studio is instrumental in maintaining operational excellence. Her focus on streamlining operations allows our design team to flourish creatively while ensuring that the foundation supporting our projects remains strong and meticulously managed.