Front Yard Tour: The Main Street Retreat

Nestled deep in the lot on one of its town’s oldest streets, the Main Street Retreat takes space and charm very seriously. This was the custom build to beat all custom builds - the homeowners were involved in every single aspect of its design, and we curated everything for them. Even the hand towels!

The “Red Carpet” Approach

For this family, building something so special called for a red-carpet approach. And driving up to the home feels a lot like that! After coming through the gate, the driveway rambles past a large grassy area with seating, tall trees that are native to the property, and excellent work by Roth Landscaping.

Gettin’ our Hands Dirty!

Seeing this home and yard come to life was a grueling process, but the rewards are sweet! The construction workers, builders, designers, and landscapers worked their tails off. They really transformed this site into a masterpiece!

We’ll never forget the countless site visits, especially the one where Shawn accidentally fell in a hole. :)

A Private Park

We, the builder, landscaper, and the homeowners all wanted to create a secluded haven where their family could play, tumble, and grow. This front yard allows for all of that and more!

It feels like a public park, with beautiful bench-wrapped trees, water to play in, and the stunning white-farmhouse facade of the home within barefooted reach.

Exterior Details

When it came to the home’s exterior, our clients wanted a stunning white monolith of a farmhouse, with dark and wooded accents to really make the details pop. The metal roof and awnings give the home a sturdy feel — it feels like it could really weather farm life! But, we’ll admit, that white paint would probably get a bit dirty. ;)

Does this project match your style?