Remodels are a special kind of challenge. We worship the style and design gods just as much as anyone, but boy are they fickle. It’s funny how our collective muses can change with time, and something that would have been in style ten or fifteen years ago can look so hopelessly out of date and make you wonder what the heck you were thinking.

It’s a bummer–just when you get the hang of a trend it can be gone like the wind–but it also means that there will always be an opportunity to spice things up! With our Cornerwood remodeling project we were dealing with a house that had been built in the early 2000s. It’s a beautiful home whose dark tones were definitely “in” at the time, but our clients were more than ready for someone to come in and brighten the place up. It was time.

Our task was to give our clients a much lighter home–make it a little less cavey, a little more welcoming, and make smart use of the space to open things up. These are some of our favorite clients and longtime friends, so it was a blast to come up with a plan to update the home they’d known and loved for years!

The master bedroom was a bit cluttered and dark, and our client was excited about the idea of having more space for clothes. We decided to knock out that far wall (which led to the piano room) and give her just that: a giant walk-in closet and a place just for her.

The master bedroom–before.
The piano-room-turned-closet.

We took out the wall on the right side of this photo–the one with the cabinet–and sealed off the opening that had been the entrance. From there we went to work on our client’s closet space, the highlight of which is probably that cute storage island. Here’s a view of the work-in-progress:

She’s comin’ along!

That bench over there? We messed around with some different ideas and eventually re-covered it to match the room.

Decisions, decisions.

For the rest of the bedroom our job was to update or repurpose the furniture, throw some doors on the new closet space, and give the room a fresh coat of paint. Then we found some accessories and lighting–and BAM! A whole new space.

This room grew ten sizes, I swear.

The room became so much wider, brighter, and more welcoming. It was amazing to see. We did some work on the rest of the house too, check it out!

If HGTV taught us anything, it’s that there’s nothing better than a good Before-and-After! Remodeling projects are always so fun, the results can be mind-blowing and totally revitalize a space.

If you’re looking to remodel your home or office, give us a shout! We’d love it. Pretty please? 🙂