This home was featured in the 2015 Utah Valley Parade of Homes, and was built by Magleby Construction.

An oldie but a goodie, today we’re going to take you on a tour through our 2015 parade home, The Jasmine. Built by Magleby Construction, this home rests on a bluff in beautiful Woodland Hills, Utah, in the Summit Creek development. I wish we had better pictures of the view–it’s insane. So insane that I doubt any photo would ever do it justice!

The Summit Creek development is planned such that each home’s view won’t be obstructed by new construction, so it’s comforting to know that The Jasmine’s view is still being enjoyed and always will! Woodland Hills is a beautifully wooded area–as the name suggests–and the homes in Summit Creek are built to match. Take a look!

The Summit Creek development has a systematic reverence for the surrounding environment.
The home looks much more modest from the front…

The Kitchen

The Jasmine’s kitchen doesn’t overcomplicate, and is just one small part of a wide open living space. The room’s focus is on warmth–colors engineered to complement the natural views highlighted by the windows.

This kitchen keeps it simple.

Dining and Living Spaces

As far as the kitchen area goes, the attached living room kind of steals the show.

Surrounded by views on almost every side, it’s the perfect place to cozy up in any kind of weather. I’m imagining a cheesy Christmas movie on a snowy night, or, I dunno, the Summer Olympics! Just picture hanging out on a summer night with those sliding doors wide open. *sigh*


The dining area is incorporated here, too, just off of the main kitchen area. Its windowed nook gives it its own space–it’s not wide out in the open–but keeps it from feeling stuffy or closed off.

We placed an emphasis on subtle, warm lighting here–we wanted to take advantage of the incredible views and the abundant natural light.

Master Bedroom

This room makes smart use of space and color, and a warm stone wall to tie everything together. It’s not the biggest master bedroom in the world but the ample windows open things right up.

We’re once again trying to make the most of the surrounding natural views here, and though we want things to be warm, the pops of blue throughout the room keep it from being too monotoned.

Note the personal deck space. (And the mountains. Oof.)

Master Bathroom

This bathroom fits a lot into a little. We made sure to neatly arrange all the necessities to make the best use of the space possible and keep things elegant–it turned out fabulous!

Though some people fantasize about big, sprawling bathrooms, the smaller area of the room actually plays into its cozy elegance and intimacy. Besides that, the little chandelier is a favorite accessory of ours. The room wouldn’t be the same without it!


As with any good basement, we had entertainment and hosting in mind for this one. It’s wide open and spacious, with plenty of room to watch movies, play games, or both–who knows!

We tied it all together with some simple accents to make the space cozy and inviting. Basements are all about chilling and having fun–we didn’t want to overcomplicate it!

Supplemental Bedrooms, Mudroom, and Guest Bathroom

We’ll wrap this up with a few more highlights from The Jasmine, beginning with the guest bedrooms.

The single-bed room has a woodsy feel with a modern touch. The windows’ views tie in nicely with the handmade bench at the foot of the bed, but the furniture and lighting accessories are undeniably modern and make for an interesting mash-up of styles. The second bedroom is a bunkroom perfect for guests. Nothing too fancy, just a cozy place to pamper your loved ones and visitors.

Check out the mudroom and guest bathroom too! Photos below.

Thanks for coming along on a tour of The Jasmine! As always, let us know if you have any questions about materials, colors, or products.