It’s cold over here in the Salt Lake City area, so today we’re reminiscing about our coziest kitchen projects! A kitchen is such a special space. It’s somewhere to cook and to eat, to talk and to work. Is there any room more warmly essential?

When creating the perfect kitchen, we like to focus on three main aspects of the space: function, organization, and maintenance. We want the kitchen to function exactly as the homeowner needs, and we want it to be simple to organize and easy to maintain.

We always want to keep the family’s lifestyle in mind as well. How large of a family will be using the space? Do they like to entertain? How do they like to entertain? Do they cook a lot or just a little? Do they need a prep sink for meals? Do they have any height restrictions? And besides all of that, of course we want it to be beautiful.

Our Favorite Kitchens

Let’s tour a few of our favorite kitchens, and show you what we’re all about! We’re going to start with an older space of ours, but it’s no less a favorite. We put this kitchen together a few years ago, and it’s provided inspiration for so many projects since then.

The ample lighting in this kitchen keeps it bright and welcoming.

We try to place an emphasis on lighting in all of our kitchens–a well-lit space feels much more welcoming for guests and homeowners alike! And besides just aesthetics (most people feel more comfortable in a well-lit space) a kitchen is a great place to strategize about what kind of lighting you’ll need.

Not only does each lighting fixture look fantastic, but they each also serve a purpose. From the pendants above the island, to the ceiling’s recessed can lighting, to the built-in task lighting–each level of lighting can be utilized for something specific. You’ll see that in all of our kitchens.

Common too is the incorporation of the dining and living rooms into the kitchen area. An open-concept plan like this keeps things feeling roomy, yet cozy, and ensures that the spaces flow together seamlessly. Each space is comfortable by itself, but also able to be flawlessly merged with the other areas as needed.

This plan incorporates the kitchen, dining room and living room, along with a functional wet bar.

Though the area is large, there’s not too much dead space. That’s what keeps things so snug and homey. Here are some other angles of this amazing kitchen!

Next up is another favorite: The kitchen in our Step Rock parade home. You may have seen it before–it’s got an amazing barrel ceiling that opens things right up without being too much larger than life.

It manages to be awe-inspiring without losing that homey feeling–our guys at Masterpiece Commercial Millwork did a fantastic job putting this custom-stained cedarwood ceiling together. Check it out!

Grand View Home by Magleby Construction.

Isn’t that amazing? It’s stunning to step in to. But besides just the ceiling (and, once again, the cozy open-concept space) the kitchen itself is a beaut. Modern custom cabinetry by Masterpiece Commercial Millwork and some industrial lighting fixtures tie the space together perfectly, and there’s plenty of room to move around without sacrificing coziness.

We’ve got two more for you! Each of these kitchens utilizes similar concepts–if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!–but we love how each individual space turned out.

First is our 2017 Parade Home, the Modern Farmhouse. You may recognize it from a previous post!

The previous kitchen utilized exposed wood beams–custom made, once again, by Masterpiece Commercial Millwork–which gives the entire home a comfortable, farmhouse feel. This next kitchen is no different.

Utilizing high ceilings, along with warm elements and plenty of natural light, is a simple formula for creating an impossibly welcoming and restful space.

This home once again flows cleanly from living room, to dining area, to kitchen, and the high ceilinged living room helps to open up the entire floor. The only door on this level leads to the master suite. Other than that, completely open! It’s stunningly bright and feels just like home.

If you’re wondering where the pantry is, this kitchen has a little secret. There’s an opening leading to the pantry in the back corner. It’s open–there’s no door at all–but hidden enough that your food storage isn’t entirely on display. We love this idea!

This pantry is super secret, so keep it on the down-low!

Thanks for tagging along as we daydream about our favorite kitchens this blustery winter day! If you have any questions or comments about our work, feel free to let us know. We’re always happy to hear from you!